The strategy of Increasing Followers for the Personal Brand on Instagram

Do you do business on social networks promoting goods, but sales are low? Instagram ads not working although your goods are of good quality and big money has been invested in promotion? Perhaps the whole point is that the audience simply does not trust you, since you are a “dark horse” or a very controversial character. What to do? The solution is obvious – to create a powerful personal brand in the online space that will work better for you, basically better than any sponsored ads Instagram.


1. Why should a businessman be popular on Instagram?

2. How to become popular?

3. Steps in building a personal brand.

4. Are you ready?

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Why should a businessman be popular on Instagram?

Previously, the way we were perceived by friends, classmates, teachers, colleagues, friends, was called a reputation. Now, with the advent of social networks, reputation, the image of a person on the Internet has become known as a personal brand. Its development has become a real trend recently. It comes to your mind when you hear someone’s name and last name.

Many businessmen become bloggers, developing Instagram followers growth strategy personal brand, thereby expanding their area of ​​influence. People want to trust a specific person.

After becoming the face of the brand and being responsible for its quality, competently developing your virtual image in the chosen way, you can generate interest and build confidence in the product you are selling.

How to become popular?

The classic strategy to increase followers for a personal brand is known to everyone:

1. The natural influx of the audience through posting of interesting, unique visual and textual content.

2. Regular, but unobtrusive posting and stories.

3. The correct hashtags, geolocation.

4. Communication with the audience in the comments, creation of surveys, contests, mutual following.

5. Tracking the dynamics of engagement, response to requests from the audience.

Thus, step by step, the audience will grow slowly. The patience to reach at least the first thousand followers is enough for units, because the rules of the site are constantly changing. Would you like to quickly distinguish yourself from a million similar profiles? Use proven services for buying likes and followers, such as ALL-SMM.

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Steps in building a personal brand

1. Start by stating a clear, measurable deadline goal. “I want to wake up famous!” – this does not sound like a goal, but empty words.

2. Positioning. Answer the following questions: “Who am I? What and why am I doing? What message am I bringing to this world? What kind of thoughts do people have when they hear my name or the name of my brand?”

The main mistake is to copy someone or try to portray something that you are not. The public will feel the falsity! It’s not worthwhile to sculpt a refined aristocrat from “your boyfriend”, or a strict businesswoman from a a full-time mother cooking soup. It is allowed only to add some kind of “zest”, no need to completely redo yourself.

3. Clear and unique – with these two words you can describe a successful business card – profile description and profile photo. Accidentally coming to your page and reading a few words, a person should understand why they should start following it.

4. Creating a content plan from several diverse, regularly published sections – it looks beautiful in the feed, makes a number of posts diverse and interesting for the followers. The average frequency of publishing stories from 5 to 10 per day, posting – from 1 time per day to 2-3 per week.

5. Increase traffic by ordering advertising from bloggers with 5-10 thousand followers who have a high audience involvement and are close to your interests. Buy ads on Instagram and other sites on related topics.

6. Keep the audience coming by sending out useful material, practical jokes, up-to-date information and other tricks.

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Are you ready?

And finally, think about this:

– Do you have time, desire and necessary skills for having a high-quality Instagram?

– Are you ready to seek the help of specialists in this matter and pay them?

– Are you sure that you are a real expert and a high-class specialist, and have what you want to say to the world?

If you answered “Yes!” to all these questions, then everything will work out! Good luck!