Sensitive Content and Private Use of Instagram

Everyone knows what a closed account is. But the question of how to do sensitive content on Instagram puzzles many rising stars of the popular social network. Indeed, everyone wants to get more public, but at the same time, nobody likes “content thieves”.


1. Important rules for posting and features of Instagram content.

1.1. Instagram rules you need to know.

1.2. How to make an account closed.

2. Instagram content of other users and privacy.

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Important rules for posting and features of Instagram content

If you are concerned about the confidentiality of content posted by you and other users of the Instagram system, you should learn some important rules and understand the features of the competent use of the social network.

Instagram rules you need to know

Instagram page promotion should not only be subject of your desire to become famous and popular, it is important to follow some simple rules. Here they are:

• if the Instagram account is a business one, you cannot make it closed, that is, confidential and allow only selected users to access it;

• in case of restriction of access of the account followers, even the registered hashtags will not be able to make the data accessible to everyone;

• if the information was distributed from another network (for example, from Twitter or Facebook), but subsequently you closed the access of Instagram users to it, they will not see it, but everything will remain accessible on Twitter, etc.;

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• “Like” marks left under a photo or other kind of publication by a user of a closed confidential account may be visible only to their trusted audience (the same applies to comments left under an Instagram post);

• when a member of the Instagram network is not authorized on your page, and you mentioned them in a photo or in a video on Instagram, this individual will not receive a pop-up push-notification about this event;

• a closed account does not allow to stay incognito when commenting on posts of other users whose page is open to everyone;

• remember that the photos posted in the Instagram account will be displayed in the Google search engine, which in its turn gives the searcher (the one who found your photo) access to the account with photos.

How to make an account closed

How to turn off sensitive content on Instagram or enable it? If you use an Android device, log in to your Instagram account and go to the menu (three horizontal stripes). Next, you need to go to the Insta-settings (the gear icon), Privacy after selecting “Account Privacy”. Now it remains only to tap “Closed account” in order to stop access for anyone to the page. You can close your Instagram account for one person by blocking them.

After such a manipulation, each user who still wants to view the data on your page is required to ask you about this by sending a corresponding request. All such requests that are in an unresolved state are located in the Actions section. By going there, you can confirm or ignore them. Confirmed users will be able to see followers lists and all your publications.

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Instagram content of other users and privacy

If you would like to post other people’s information, this must be done with the permission of the author or owner of this intellectual property. It may be a direct tagging in the post. When there is none, check with the author directly if you can use their photo, video or text.

Confidential content is a matter constantly discussed on Instagram and beyond. Respect the privacy of others for your own rights to the content published on your own page to be respected.