Personal Blog Promotion on Instagram

Any user in social networks can be called a blogger. Especially if many other people are following his account. Today, well-known bloggers have monetized their accounts and make good money on it. How to achieve popularity on Instagram? More details on it are there in this article.


1. How does monetization of personal Instagram pages happen?
2. Effective ways of promotion.
3. How to achieve high activity among the followers?
4. Tips for maintaining account.
5. Conclusion.

How does monetization of personal Instagram pages happen?

Everything is clear about the business accounts: the income comes from selling goods and services. What is the way of making money on a personal page? Today, blogging is at the peak of its popularity. On these pages, users tell others about their holidays, describe gadgets, recommend shops, restaurants and similar places.
If the account shows good statistics on the number of people following the news feed, the owner can be contacted for paid advertising. This gives income.

Effective ways of promotion

Today, there are two main methods of the blog promotion: by your own efforts or with the help of special services. Personal promotion does not always bring popularity – such pages cannot get to the top list of the network.

An artificial cheat is considered to be the most effective method, i.e. the acquisition of followers and increase of their activity. Today you can try this option for free. There are certain services specializing on it – get 10 free Instagram followers, make sure it gives you effect and continue using the service for the fee.

When purchasing followers, each user of the social network gets a push allowing to promote their blog more efficiently. In addition to the number of followers, their activity is also important, i.e. the response to advertising, posts, stories, live streaming.

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How to achieve high activity among the followers? 

Sometimes people following the updates of the feed, do not respond to the posts, i.e. do not write comments, do not put likes to the photos. It is important to make every effort to get their response. This can be done on your own by adding pictures at the most active time of the day, raising important issues, participating in discussions.

There is also an artificial way, for example, you can buy views on Instagram. The next step may be the buying comments or likes. This way you create interest to your content. When a lot of people discuss the post, then other users would like to join conversation.

Tips for maintaining account

After buying followers, likes and comments you need to maintain interest. Follow these recommendations:

• add posts regularly; 
• communicate with the followers;
• respond to their requests;
• determine the time when people respond to your posts most actively, and publish interesting topics during this time;
• use only high-quality photos;
• the culture of virtual communication should be in the first place – do not insult others, do not get personal.


In the modern world, everyone can become a popular blogger. For this you only need self-confidence, catchy content and a small amount of money. The right start guarantees income and realization of your potential.