How to Select Content for Instagram

To become popular, it is important to know what to post on Instagram to get likes. Owners of popular accounts can make good money on this social network. But for this it is important to create content for Instagram that will be of interest to a large circle of readers. Some experienced bloggers use the Instagram content calender, which allows them to post information correctly and subsequently attract a large number of readers. Followers rate posts and leave comments, which favorably affects the account rating.


• Drawing up a content plan for Instagram

• Types of Instagram posts

• When to post on Instagram

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Drawing up a content plan for Instagram

The content calendar on this social network helps find topics for publications in advance, as well as save personal time. Not all users know how to create a content plan for Instagram. You can create a table where you should specify the dates and times of posts, as well as determine the topic. You can come up with an article header in advance to understand what you want to tell to your followers on the day it is posted. Before creating a content calendar for Instagram, you need to determine the type of your account. Especially if this is a new page.

Types of Instagram posts

There are several types of posts on Instagram. Sales posts are often used for commercial accounts where it’s important to promote your products or services. Also, the selling text can be written by the owner of the profile, who wants to earn on advertising other people’s products.

Another variation of Instagram posting is an entertaining post. They can be posted by both owners of commercial blogs and owners of pages telling about personal life. Entertaining posts are no less important than selling texts. Such posts are very popular among the Instagram users. They do not force followers to think and “digest” the information received. For example, an entertaining post might be a landscape photo or your breakfast with a wish of a good morning.

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Both in a business and in a personal account, it is recommended to sometimes make information posts. In them, the profile owners share information with their followers, without highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of the goods or services offered. Such posts are important for followers because they help them learn a lot through the Instagram social network.

When to post on Instagram

Experienced bloggers recommend creating a content plan for Instagram for a month period. On average, a day should be no more than two or three posts, but if you want to share a lot of information, you can do story writing. The correct spelling in the texts on this social network is of great importance. But you can use another way to quickly increase activity on an Instagram page. To do this, you need to contact a special service, that will help promote your ac in the short term and at an affordable price count. Many bloggers use the All-SMM service, as the experts here know all the tricks of Instagram and help their customers quickly receive a steady income.

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Instagram is a great opportunity to earn money without leaving your home. Therefore, many users use different ways to promote their account. In addition to the help of specialists of services for promoting accounts on social networks, you can use other methods. Of course, you should not forget about the correct maintenance of the page in order to attract new followers. Earnings through Instagram require time and effort, like any job. But if everything is done correctly, soon you will start receiving high income.