A Bit More About the Instagram Social Network

Now it’s foolish to ask a person if they have an account on social networks. In order to communicate, get acquainted, share information, there are many different platforms. One of the most popular ones is Instagram. Let’s discuss the main interesting points of working with the app, its pros and cons.


1. Features of the social network

  • What does Instagram give to brands?

2. Advantages and disadvantages of the platform

3. Conclusion

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Features of the social network

To date, you can access your account in two ways: from a mobile phone or PC. there are differences: in the computer version it is impossible to upload photos, but just view the feed and edit personal information. Those who need to get more likes than views Instagram can monitor their statistics. So, the functionality and capabilities of the app are wide:

  • creation, processing and uploading of photo content to the page;

· using unique filters;

· the ability to duplicate posts in other social networks;

· free video views on Instagram;

  • search for information of interest: accounts of media personalities, videos and photos by hashtags, events, places;

In addition, you can find new friends, leave comments on posts, search for groups and communities of interest.

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What does Instagram give to brands?

Instagram video views free allow many users to find out about a product or service, gather target audience, sell or recommend products. Instagram provides great opportunities for large-scale companies and brands. We will explore a few points that will reveal the essence of the app’s popularity among brand representatives:

  • recognition, popularity: there are millions of Instagram users all over the world. If one creates their personal brand, promote advertising, come up with a strategy and concept, things will move ahead in the nearest future. The more followers, the more customers there are;

· loyalty: a separate category of lovers of the brand, name, label. You can achieve success by applying quality visual content;

  • feedback, reputation: an important rule is to accept all criticism, respond to all reviews, answer questions and be close to the potential customers;

It is important to achieve the lead generation. These are targeted calls to your organization. It is difficult to reach the target audience directly. The best way out is to write under the post that the product or service is available a certain website, inform about the details of the purchase and prices.

Advantages and disadvantages of the platform

As any other program, Instagram has its pros and cons. Many fans agree that providing an opportunity to tell the whole world about their lives, to benefit the masses is already ingenious. Is it so? The positive moments of Instagram include:

  • instant download of content, the ability to demonstrate your life online;
  • simple and fast search system for the necessary information: hash search, keywords, geolocation, map;
  • An easy way to stay on the same page is to follow any network user in one tap.
  • There are also disadvantages:
  • low privacy features – the photo cannot be hidden from certain people, it is necessary to close the entire account;
  • lack of a modified website (for PC), because it is not always possible to upload an image via a the account;
  • one can’t download videos without third-party software.

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However, for many users, the listed drawbacks are not such, the program provides ample opportunities that cover all the disadvantages.


The number of active followers in the app is increasing every second. This is a very “live” platform that can and should be used to promote your business or brand. At the moment, a lot of SMM strategies have been developed at the services that open up new promotional opportunities for their users.